Our Services

Melan provides a broad menu of HR services from low cost, economical, complete service package to an on-site HR consultant, you can select the HR service that best meets your needs. It is our objective to provide the best solution for you and your company depending on the size of your business and the employee and operational requirements. For a nominal fee, we can provide all of the regulatory and legal HR requirements and support necessary to stay compliant in today’s business environment. To learn about each of our services review the information below.

For Businesses

Human resource management & consultancy:

  • Recruitment, hiring and onboarding
  • Trainings and talent development
  • Performance reviews & Payroll administration
  • Benefits & compensation planning

Internal/on-site consultancies (All-service package)

For Job Seekers

Personal and career development:

  • Career development sessions
  • CV and cover letter writing
  • Job placements
  • Skill trainings
  • Mentorships & Career opportunities

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